★★★ The birth of a new prize tour in Japan! ★★★

★ The birth of a new prize tour in Japan! ★

The WDC Tour is a groundbreaking men's and women's bounty tour for athletes, based on ten years of hard work, strong belief and imagination.
This is a men's and women's prize tour that anyone, professionals, amateurs, boys and girls, juniors and seniors, Japanese and foreigners alike can try to dream.

We will send out the whole picture of WDC TOUR at home and abroad at the press conference with media release all over the country.
(Announcement will be made as soon as the date and place are confirmed)

Outline of WDC TOUR

Revolutionary prize tour is going to start in the beginning of 2020.
WDC TOUR offers a place of competition for both professional and amateur players, and gives a chance for all players to become top professional players.
This tour aims to become one of the world top tour with acquiring an agreement of lots of companies, organizations and individuals.
Currently, USPGA which has 28,000 members leads the world tour.
However, WDC TOUR is going to hold around 1,500 matches annually and to nurture top golf players through the tournament.

Three concepts of WDC TOUR

Structure of WDC TOUR

To participate in the tournament of WDC TOUR, players have to pass the QT of Gold Tour.
Players cannot start from Platinum Tour or Diamond Tour.All players have to participate in Gold Tour first.

If players are succeeded to pass the QT, the player can participate in Gold Tour.

◎Top 15 seeded-players in Gold Tour are given a qualification to participate in Platinum Tour.
◎Top 3 seeded-players in Platinum Tour are given a qualification to participate in Diamond Tour.

⭐ After a prescribed number of people are expected to participate in the Part 3 Gold Tour, we will proceed to the Part 2 Platinum Tour QT.
⭐ After a given block or establishment, proceed to the QT of the Part 1 Diamond Tour.

To participate in WDC TOUR

Participation to the QT

To participate in WDC TOUR, players need to take the Qualify Tournament. Players have to register after passing the QT of the WDCTOUR. It is unable to participate in WDC TOUR unless the player passes the QT. It is also unable to participate in upper level of the tournament. It is unable to start from Platinum Tour or Diamond Tour, so the player definitely has to proceed in a procedure of Gold Tour, Platinum Tour and Diamond Tour.

Participation to the tour

If the player passes the QT, he/she is given a qualification to participate in the tour made up of three parts. It is possible to register easily from website or apps. After the QT, Gold Tour begins and is going to be held from Late May throughout the year. The QT and the tournament of Platinum Tour begins at mid-November,2022, after seeded-players of Gold Tour are determined. The QT and the tournament of Diamond Tour begins at after May,2023 when the seeded-players of Platinum Tour are determined.

To participate in the WDC TOUR, It is essential that you take and pass the test at the designated venue at the QT hosted by our tour organization.
Entry Fee 88.000 yen (including tax)
※Players can register three venues. More than three venues cannot be registered.
※Players have to pay the entry fee for each venues.
Registration Term Currently being accepted
※Registration is going to be finished when the number of applications reach the quota.
QT Days The QT implementation date will be announced in advance when the specified number of participants is reached.
We will make sure that all players can receive QT at the venue as close as possible.
Pass or Fail Result is assessed through 1-day tournament. Among players who have achieved designated score, result would be decided with considering the percentage of the number of all players.
QT Prize Money QT of Diamond Tour prize money 23 million yen
QT of Platinum Tour prize money 24 million yen
QT of Gold Tour prize money 24 million yen
In Gold Tour, top 5 players are given a prize money of 500,000 yen in total.
Winner: ¥150,000, Second: ¥100,000, Third: ¥90,000, Fourth: ¥80,000, Fifth: ¥80,000
※QT prize money would be paid after the player has made a registration online.
※The amount might be changed due to the number of entry.
❶ Male & Female Professional Golfers (Licensed)
❷ Male & Female Trainee and University Students (HDCP index of 17 or less)
❸ Male & Female Amateur Golfers (HDCP index of 17 or less)
❹ Boys and Girls, junior high school and high school students who have HDCP index of 17 or less
❺ Overseas Male & Female Professional Golfers and Amateur Golfers
  • ※Even if amateur players pass the QT, they are still eligible to participate in the tournament with their amateur status.
  • ※If amateur players wish to receive the prize money, it is required to submit designated documents as a 'tour player' in registration and give up the qualification of an amateur player after passing the QT.
  • ※Each tour of the exhibition MLS Championship will be held by men and women.
    In addition, amateur golfers to compete in the Championships, please entry always received the recommendation of the WDC member of the professional (including a tour pros).
    The prize money won by amateur players will be paid to the recommended professional players.
  • ※In the case of mixed match, the start tee used by men and women is analyzed and examined for each holl so that men and women are not disadvantaged, and the start tee is quickly changed from the next match.
    We strive to be more impartial by repeating this task daily.
  • ※For Platinum Tours or Diamond Tours, if held separately for men and women, the total amount of prize money will also be shared by men and women.

In advance, players have to select the first and second blocks to participate in the tournament.
In case the first block is full, second block might become the main block.
The priority of the decision of block is decided in order of arrival of QT registration.

≪East Japan≫
❶ Hokkaido/Tohoku Block
❷ Kanto Block
≪West Japan≫
❸ Chubu/Hokuriku Block
❹ Kansai Block
❺ Chushikoku/Kyushu/Okinawa Block

It is possible to challenge QT with several blocks, but the maximum number of the venue is limited to three venues regardless of blocks.
More than three venues cannot be accepted.

Click here for details of the venue

[Competition Format]

1 Day 18 Hole Stroke Play ※Entry is accepted in 3 venues in maximum.

❶ Blocks does not have to match with a place you live. After the tour begins, To change the block, it is required to submit a certificate of residence and the change is accepted only once in general. In case of foreign players, change is permitted once through submission of designated documents.
❷ In case there is a block with few participations, blocks might be unified or players might be asked to participate in a different block.
❸ Please push the button 'I want to make entry to the QT'.

Schedule of QT

Venues would be announced by one week before the start of QT.

2021-2022 WDC Golf Tournaments Schedule

❶ Section3 Gold Tour
After WDCTOUR's international QT, Gold Tour is held from 4th July 2022 throughout the year.

❷ Section2 Platinum Tour
QT starts from 14th November 2022(Mon) after the seeded-players (top 15 players in each block) are decided as the ranking until 20th September 2022(Mon).
Platinum Tour starts from 19th December 2022(Mon).

❸ Section1 Diamond Tour
QT starts from End of March 2023 after the seeded-players (top 3 players in each block) are decided as the ranking until March 2023.
Diamond Tour starts from April 2023.

About the management of WDC TOUR


WDC TOURの理念に共感し、活躍の場を求めている多くの海外のプロアマゴルファーの参加も見込まれています。
海外選手は自国のWDC TOUR公式エージェンジーのご協力を得て参加されることをお勧めいたします。

International Contacts

If you reside in one of the following countries, please contact the designated
representative for details on how to qualify for the WDC TOUR.
If your country is not listed, please apply online and submit the tournament application
during the registration period.

Official agencies will be released as soon as they are finalized.

International QT Application Period

If you wish to print a leaflet of QT, click here.