This Organization has been nurturing junior golfers for 10 years. Currently, we have just under 3,200 members and hold about 100 tournaments a year for aspiring professional golfers.
However, given the current lack of popularity in the professional golf world and the dreamless world of golf, even if they become professional golfers, many players have quit their favorite golf.
In addition, in today's golf environment, the majority of golfers are said to be refugees of the tour, so they cannot participate in the tour, and in view of the fact that the tournament itself is too few.
We have created WDC Tour in five blocks across the country on a daily weekday.

The WDC Tour is prize money tournaments that men and women, professionals and amateurs, senior and junior, Japanese and foreigners can try without discrimination.
However, considering the tournament environment, there is a limitation that amateurs can only play up to handicap 17, but other than that, everyone can try it, and as this is a prize money tour to be realized, we will definitely implement it.

The WDC Tour is not entirely sponsored like the existing tour.Participation fees, registration fees and entry fees for QT are all covered as part of the prize money, and the shortfall is covered by funds from sponsors and investors of more than 100 large, small and medium-sized enterprises of JJGT members.

The WDC Tour is based on the results of the tour held in December 2014, and is designed to study the world's top players, the U.S. and Korea, and as well as the regular tour, the prize money is paid in full amount regardless of the number of participants.

The QT exam fees of current regular tour are expensive, and the QT period is approximately three months long before the final, which has required a lot of money and effort.However, the WDC Tour is designed to complete the QT in one-day competitions and determine who will pass through each venue in order to reduce the burden on players in all aspects of time, cost, and labor.Since it is a one-day competition, it costs a lot of money in consideration of the non-passing, but we will allow you to take up to three spots.The QT prize money will be reduced so that players who pass the first round can collect it on the next round of exams.

The WDC Tour has QT prize money, so you cannot cancel the entry regardless of whether you are participating or not.

When you pass the WDC QT of section 3 Gold Tour, you will first become a gold member and participate in about 400 Gold Tour events throughout the year.However, at the 4 million competition, it is necessary to win the seed ranking competition, and the 2 million competition is a first-come, should be entried first.

The entry fee for Section 3 Gold Tour is 12,000yen (tax excluded).
The entry fee for Section 2 Platinum Tour is 18,000yen for the 15 million yen competition and 25,000yen for the 4 million yen competition (excluding tax).
The entry fee for Section 1 Diamond Tour is 18,000 yen (excluding tax).

The QT on the WDC Tour is not competitive.Anyone who can pass the QT will be able to participate in all the games on the Section 3 Gold Tour.

Of course, seeds from other organization do not count, so you need to start over.However, license qualification obtained or issued by another organization is applied as a professional player.
If you haven't received your license yet, please upload your driver's license or insurance card to identify yourself.As soon as you receive the license, please fax it to the WDC office.

The QT exam fee is an annual fee to qualify you for the Gold Tour.Therefore, it is not necessary for every tournament.

Several QT applications must be submitted by the entry deadline in advance.Therefore, you cannot apply at all at the tournament course on that day.

There is no refund.You have already confirmed that you passed the QT, so you don't have to care whether you join the QT again or not.However, as WDC Tour have QT prize money, we recommend you to try it again.

Caddies are not used in Section 3 Gold Tour and Section 2 Platinum Tour except for the conventions permitted.
Section 1 Diamond Tour may use caddies.

You can participate in the WDC Tour if you are in the first year of junior high school and you are under HDCP 17.If the junior is a JJGT member, you will be admitted only if JJGT association approves.Other junior players are available on golf courses registered with the Japan Golf Association (JGA).Please contact your golf course for more information.

The tour schedule is listed on the homepage in advance, so please check it out.

As of December 1, Platinum Tour is scheduled to start in mid-October 2021, and Diamond Tour is scheduled to start after February 2022, when the seed of the tour is confirmed.
It may change depending on the condition of the coronavirus, so please always check the date on the website.

The QT will be held at the 1 Day tournament and will be known on the day of the QT.We will decide whether to pass or not according to the ratio of the number of participants who have achieved a prescribed grade or more.

Yes, even if you fall into the upper QT, you will not be disqualified for the tour you were previously fighting on.Thereforeo, you have been qualified and can participate in the tour throughout the year.

Yes, that's true.In order to dispel the anxieties of the future of the professional players who take part in the WDC Tour and to support their concentration in their activities, we will establish "the Professional Golfers Pension Insurance System" based on a portion of the prize money they have gained.As pensions accumulate with each victory, the activities of professional golfers on the WDC Tour and their lives become stable.
Players can check their pension reserves at any time on the My Page of the WDC TOUR website.

Due to the influence of the coronavirus, the QT of the WDC tour may be postponed until it becomes possible to hold the QT, but it will not be cancelled.